Fire Prevention

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Inspections, Plans and Permits

Plan Submittal

Please print and complete the Plan Submittal Form, include 3 sets of plans, cut sheets and calculations and submit by mail to the City of Davis Fire Department, 530 Fifth Street, Davis, CA 95616 or over the counter at the Community Development Department, 23 Russell Blvd., Davis. 

For any questions please call (530) 757-5684.

Deferred Plan Submittal Form

Operational Permits

Section 105 of the California Fire Code, 2010 edition, establishes provisions for issuance of Operational Permits. An Operational Permit constitutes permission to maintain, store or use materials, or to conduct hazardous processes, or to install equipment used in connection with such activities. The Fire Code lists approximately 50 activities, operations or functions which require a permit. Several of these, notably in the area of hazardous materials, cover dozens of subsidiary situations under which a permit is required.

The Fire Prevention Bureau, at its present staffing level, cannot administer a fire code program of this scope and complexity. Therefore, only 6 situations will be addressed by permits. They are:

  1. Public fireworks display
  2. Open flame use
  3. Flammable or combustible liquid tank installation
  4. Flammable or combustible liquid tank removal
  5. Tent structures (with an occupant load of 10 or more)
  6. Firing of model rockets

The Fire Prevention Bureau reserves the option to require a permit for activities other than those listed in the Fire Code on a case-by-case basis. Additional permits will be issued as staffing levels in the Fire Prevention Bureau allows. The fees for these permits vary (fee schedule). Depending on the permit, the process may include plan reviews and inspections.

For assistance in obtaining one of the above permits please call the Fire Prevention Bureau at (530)757-5684.